Enhance the Capacity of Trainers, Mediators and Staffs of the Conflict Transformation Program

Forum for Protection of Public Interest (Pro Public) has been actively engaged in bringing sustainable peace for more than a decade. It has used Peace building and Conflict Transformation tools like Mediation, Dialogue, and Capacity Building. Focused in bringing social harmony in a conflict affected areas of several districts of Nepal like Dhanusha, Sarlahi, Rupandehi, Mahotari and Dang it has conducted a series of Community Mediation Trainings programs to the aspiring mediators.

Adopting the bottom up approach of Peace building to advance the marginalized grassroots community, Pro Public with the support of Civil Peace Service Program (CPSP) of GIZ, conducted a Training for Trainers (ToT) Program, the program was designed to train the mediators who were already trained to enhance their mediation skills. Different aspects of Mediation were introduced to them like Forgiveness, reflective learning and listening, staying neutral during the mediation period.

Advanced Training on Mediation Program was also organized where Community Mediators from Dhanusha, Sarlahi were given the training. The trainings core aim was to provide technical support to the mediators, and to familiarize them to the fundamental skills and knowledge which are pre-requisite during dispute resolution.

Proposal and Report Writing Training for the staff members of the Pro Public was conducted with collaboration with the Empowerment, Learning and Development (ELD) Training Institute. The staffs engaged in Peace building and Conflict Transformation activities were trained on professional way of Proposal and Report Writing. The whole idea behind conducting the training program was to keep the staffs up to date about the latest trend of Proposal and Report Writing.

The objectives of the project were as follows:

  • The overall objective of the ToT was to produce the master trainers on advanced mediation course so that they can provide training to selected 245 community mediators form bothDhanusha and Sarlahi districts in a professional manner.
  • To enhance the capacity of its trainers, mediators and staff by providing Advanced Mediation Training for trainers and mediators in Dhanusha, Sarlahi, Mahotari, Rupandehi and Dang districts.
  • To keep up to date the staff members of Pro Public on project proposal and report writing trends.

1. Training of Trainers (ToT) on Advanced Mediation

Pro Public organized an advanced ToT under the support of CPS of GIZ for 20 senior mediators of Dhanusha, Sarlahi, Mahotari, Rupandehi, Dang districts and one staff member of Pro Public as a part of capacity building.The ToT program took place from December 14 to 18, 2013 at Gautam Hotel, Bardibas.

Adopting the inclusive approach the participation was inclusionary in terms of gender and ethnicity. Female, Dalit, indigenous, Muslims also equally participated in the training.

 Project Output:

The overall impression of the participants was that they got refreshed by the revision of previously trained sessions and in addition they got a range of skills, knowledge and information regarding the mediation for constructive consensus. Moreover, they highly praised the facilitation and presentation skills of the facilitators.

2. Advance Training on Mediation

Pro Public organized five rounds of five days Advanced Training on Mediation for community mediators of Dhanusha and Sarlahi under the support of CPSP/GIZ. The trainings were conducted simultaneously in two groups in Bardibas from December 26, 2013 to January 26, 2014. Altogether 246 participants were trained. All the trainings were facilitated by the master trainers produced by organizing a ToT.

Program Output:

The response of the participants after the training proceedings and evaluation was overwhelming. The participants not only gained additional knowledge and information on mediation but also got acquainted with the concept of forgiveness, non-violence communication, reflective learning and listening and cross-culture mediation. They also found the participatory way of teaching method useful as it enables the participants to share their views and ideas among themselves, and has ensured effective learning.

3. Proposal and Report writing Training

To enhance the skills and knowledge on proposal and report writing to explore the funding opportunities as well as for the proper documentation and dissemination of the completed activities, Pro Public arranged five-day training on Proposal and Report Writing Training for the staffs of peace building and conflict transformation activities implemented by Pro Public. The training was arranged with in ELD (Empowerment, Learning, and Development) training institute, Jawalakhel, Lalitpur from 29 January to 2 February, 2014.

Training Output:

The participants could understand what makes writing effective and how to improve the clarity and organize their writing; and to develop data analysis skills using mind mapping software. Further, the participants became clearer about the project design, analyzing the situation on the basis of logical framework approach.Proposal and report writing training helped the staffs of Pro Public to produce effective proposals for fund raising and writing the reports in professional way.