Project Brochure_Chautari Natak

Chautari Natak

Serving People’s Need for Peace: Infrastructures for Peace, the Peace Sector, and the Case of Nepal


Setting the Scene for PRAN – Reporting on the Social Accountability Orientation Symposia in the Five Development Regions of Nepal


नेपालमा जवाफदेहिता सम्बन्धी कार्यक्रमका लागि दृश्यावलोकन


लेखापरीक्षण र नागरिक अनुगमन

कार्यसम्पादन मूल्यांकन र नागरिक अनुगमन

सार्वजनिक खरिद र नागरिक अनुगमन

Verdict and Procedural Guidelines Issued by the Supreme Court for the Prevention of Sexual Harassment against Working Women at Workplaces like Dance Restaurants, Dance Bars etc.


Source Book for 21 Social Accountability Tools

1. Source Book for 21 Social Accountability Tools