District Level Practice Sharing and Best Mediators Award Program

Pro Public organized District Level Practice Sharing and Best Mediators Award Program on June 18 & 19 in Janakpurdham of Dhanusha and Mlanagawa of Sarlahi respectively under its Community Mediation Program (CMP). The main objective of this program was to share experiences and views among mediators from all the projects locations of Dhanusha and Sarlhai and provide the cash award and certificate of appreciation for eight best mediators, 4 from Dhanusha and another 4 from Sarlahi, as the best mediators of the year 2015.

VDC secretaries, VDC Coordinators and representatives of Advisory Committees of all the 35 locations (Sarlahi – 18 & Dhanusha 17) were the participants of the program. And the guests i.e., Sr. judge from Applegate court of Janakpurdham, Dhanusha, representatives of District Development Offices, District Development Committees, District Police Officer, chairperson and other officials of Community Mediators Society (CMS) in the respective districts were at the closing session organized in the both events in Dhansua and Sarlahi.

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