National Level Experience Sharing Meeting_ October 21, 2019

Dialogue Facilitation and Mediation for
Strengthening Peace and Social Harmony Project

National Level Experience Sharing Meeting

A National Level Experience Sharing Meeting was organized on October 21, 2019 in Kathmandu towards the end of the completion of activities planned under the project. Hon’ble Ms. Niru Devi Pal, Chair of the Women and Social Committee under the House of Representative was the chief guest of the meeting. Other guests included Hon’ble Mr. Lilanath Shrestha, Member of Parliament from Siraha-3; Hon’ble Mr. Bishnu Ojha, President of the Commission of Inclusive Society; Hon’ble Mr. Bishnu Chaudhary, President of the Tharu Commission, Mr. Yub Raj Bhusal, Former Secretary of the Government of Nepal and Mr. Mani Ram Gyawali, Under Secretary of the Commission of Investigation on Enforced Disappeared Persons (CIEDP) Nepal.

A short presentation was made showcasing the achievements, lessons learnt, experiences, and challenges of the project, followed by the screening of a documentary detailing activities carried out under the project, good practices, and the impact of the program on DFs, members of SDGs and their communities. The documentary reflected on the past and the current perception of the community people in terms of relationship between the community members from different community groups.

In the National Level Experience Sharing Meeting, the chief guest and other guests expressed positive remarks about the project. DFs, representatives of the municipalities and members of the Advisory Committees spoke about their impressions on the interventions in the project communities. Some of their remarks are given in the box below.

Views of the Guests and Chief Guests

Hon’ble Niru Devi Pal, Member, House of Representatives, Chair, Women and Social Committee)
I want to thank you for developing this pilot project. We have seen that if we want we can do. It’s such a good thing to witness such a success through efforts of a single organization. We can convince the government at the local level to take this project across the country.

Hon’ble Lilanath Shrestha, Member, House of Representatives, Siraha-3I watched the documentary. I have come to know that peace and social harmony is essential for the development of any country. This project has developed a sense of positive thinking. Had this project been implemented in 753 Municipalities, the country would have developed in a faster pace. This project is very much needed in Nepal. If we can implement this project at the local level in all parts of the country, the local government can take it forward.
Hon’ble Bishnu Chaudhary, President, National Tharu Commission, Nepal
Diversity is an asset of Nepal. We should be able to preserve it. We listened to the opinions and experiences of everyone here. We also had the opportunity to watch the documentary. I have felt that this pilot project has become successful.

Hon’ble Bishnu Ojha, President National Inclusive Commission, Nepal
Having watched and listened to the impact the project made across four districts, I felt as if I was myself present in those districts while the project being implemented. I wish for success and favor favorable environment for Pro Public to implement this project in more districts. The Government has initiated a campaign “Happy Nepali, Prosperous Nepal.” This project is crucial to the success of this campaign. Such a project should be implemented throughout the country. I want to commend the person who envisioned and conceptualized this project. The concept of this project is very good. I also want to request the donor to provide resources to continue this project.

Mr. Yub Raj Bhusal, Former Secretary, Nepal Government
The experiences of the four districts are being shared here. Pro Public has worked in many other districts too. This project should be extended to other places as well. The Government of Nepal will certainly support in this. I hope honorable Members of the Parliament will give necessary instructions to the government. It is a pleasure to know that the local governments too are willing to take this project forward in the future.

Mr. Mani Ram Gyawali, Under Secretary, Commission of Investigation on Enforced Disappeared Persons (CIEDP), Nepal
Pro Public, as a responsible organization, has undertaken the project in a very transparent manner. This project should not be limited to four Wards of four districts. Issues of transparency, good governance, public awareness, social harmony and reconciliation should not be limited to a ward. Honorable members of Parliament, these should be included in the policy of the government and taken across to all 77 districts of the country.

Mr. Ramlal Dagaura Tharu, Ward Chair, Tikapur Municipality-7, Kailali
In 2015, a violent incident occurred in Tikapur which had a very adverse effect in the community. The whole country mourned the incident. There have been gaps, ill feelings, conflicts between people from hills and people from the plains (Tharu community). Pro Public has worked to built bridges among these communities and brings them closer. I want to salute the work of Pro Public.