GAMIP Summit, Switzerland

Mr. Prakash Mani Sharma, Senior Advocate and Executive Director of Pro Public attended the sixth summit of the Global Alliance for Ministries and Infrastructures for Peace (GAMIP) from September 16 to 20, 2013 in Geneva, Switzerland. In this connection, Pro Pubic backstopped the Joint Secretary of MoPR technically for the presentation on Infrastructure for Peace (I4P) initiated by Pro Public. During the summit, in initiation of Nepal, an Asia Pacific Alliance for Ministries (APAMIP) was formed in which Pro Public is a core member and a Secretariat is agreed to set up at Pro Public. In the Alliance, government members from Bougainville Papua New Guinea and Kyrgyzstan have also joined and expressed the wish to participate in the conference. The members of the alliance are from India, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Korea, Japan, Mauritius, Autonomous Region of Bougainville, Papua New Guinea, (Mr. Dennis Kuiai (Rebel Leader) First secretary, Counterpart Advisor on Peace Building. Similarly Pro Public has been selected to be a member of UN Resolution Committee and Practicing Committee. It is expected that with the support of network of friends, Pro Public will be able to get government support and organize a regional conference on I4P.

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