EnActing Dialogue – Community level reconciliation through theatre-facilitated dialogue

Forum for Protection of Public Interest (Pro Public) and CSSP – Berlin Centre for Integrative Mediation, Germany signed a cooperation agreement to continue/implement the project on dialogue through playback theatre for one more year (Jan. 2016 to Dec. 2016) in six communities of six different districts i.e. Gulariya Municipality, Bardiya; Binauna VDC, Banke; Bijauri VDC, Dang, Sainamaina Municipality, Rupandehi, Bardibas Municipality, Mahottari and Triyuga Municipality, Udayapur. The project is entitled as “EnActing Dialogue – Community level reconciliation through theatre-facilitated dialogue” this time. The project provides common and safe space for story telling/sharing to an individual in a group of community people in this post-conflict phase of Nepal aiming to achieve following objects:

  • Strengthening local capacities for theatre-facilitated dialogue in communities where high numbers of ex-combatants and conflict victims have settled.
  • Responding to a strong request from the community level, the project stays in the same districts as in 2015, shifting its focus slowly towards the enhancement of existing capacities for multiplication, and
  • Promoting community level healing and reconciliation through playback theatre.

The major activities of project are to 1) build additional capacity of national level theatre artists through advance level playback laboratory with International expert on playback theatre; 2) Enhance capacity of two dialogue facilitators from each of the project district on program conduction and facilitation by international expert; 3) Equip all 48 dialogue facilitators with additional skills and motivation for playback performances in communities through dialogue camp, and 4) Organize a national level program to out-reach the project activities among national and international peace workers and stakeholders through impact documentary, sharing and interactions.