Community Mediation Program

Community Mediation and Peace Building Program is one of the major projects of Pro Public. It had has, and still has, significant impact on access to justice as well as conflict transformation and peace building at the grassroots level. Recently the program is being implemented in Dhanusha and Sarlahi districts with support of The Asia Foundation.

Being a social animal, man cannot live in isolation from the society. Due to various interests and obligations of people in the course of their lives, disputes arise among them disturbing the peace and social harmony of the society. In this context, mediation can contribute the following things:

  • Increase a feeling of social justice among all the individuals of every community, class, cast, religion and language by providing the justice in the fast way and free of cost in their community
  • Improve relationship among the individuals damaged due to the conflict
  • Support for socio-economic development by maintaining peace in the society