Pro Public/CSSP successfully accomplished the Multiplication and Follow-up activities under the EnActing Dialogue… Project

Starting since the month of April, 2016, EnActing Dialogue…Project of Pro Public/CSSP completed the community level activities i.e. multiplications, follow-up and monitoring and evaluation so far. Under the multiplication, a team of dialogue facilitators in each district performed 18 playback theatres in different wards of each project VDC/Municipality. Basically, it was planned to perform an episode of playback theatre among 50 audiences in the communities. However, it is noted that approximately 1,000 audiences had opportunity to observe and participate in the playback theatre in each project location in which average four audiences (4*18=72 in total) got opportunity to share their personnel stories during the performances. In this context, total 6,000 audiences including members of advisory committees and 48 dialogue facilitators were directly benefited from the project activities and indirectly it can be estimated that thousands of community people had impressions in their thoughts and behaviors i.e. family members of storytellers, conflict victims, police etc.

During this multiplication phase, the project team also facilitated in order to support and monitor the project activities in the communities. Two follow-up workshops were organized for DFs to coach, refresh and motivate for the betterment of performances and two local (VDC/Municipality) advisory meetings in each district were organized to inform about the project; seek support in coordination and evaluation for way forward. Recently, the external evaluator has also carried out field visit to evaluation the project impacts as an third party independent evaluation.

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