Pro Public/CSSP organized the National Level Interaction Programme under the EnActing Dialogue…Project

Pro Public and CSSP jointly organized a national level interaction programme entitled “Chutari Theatre for Sustainable Peace: An interaction programme” on 23rd of November, 2016 under the EnActing Dialogue project. We were honored to invite Mr. Lokendra Mallik, Chairperson of the Commission of Investigation on Enforced Disappeared Persons, Nepal, and Mr. Lila Udasi Khanal, Member of Truth and Reconciliation Commission, Nepal in presence of high level officials from the Government of Nepal i.e. MoPR, Mediation Council, representatives from national and international organizations working in the peacebuilding sectors, academicians, and artists. 12 dialogue facilitators from project districts were invited to share their experiences and learning of the project and the impact documentary was also launched in the programme.

In the programme, Ms. Anne Dirnstorfer, Integrative Mediator from CSSP, welcomed the participants and highlighted on the objective of the programme. Later, the dialogue facilitators presented themselves on the stage to share and impact from the project in an artistic way which was followed by the documentary show. These two activities supported to provide information and insights behind the project. Later, the participants were divided into five groups aiming to providing more information on the project from technique, modality, challenges and coordination perspectives. It was nice and active interaction among the participants. Lastly, the program was concluded with some of the remarks by the experts and guests.

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