I4P Market Study completed

A market survey on infrastructures for peace (I4P) and peace needs has been completed on March. The purpose of survey is to study the available peace services and peace needs of people. The study is being carried out in 10 different districts of Nepal. The research also aims to study the social cohesion among people and identify the the existing formal and informal infrastructures for peace in the focus districts and VDCs.

In the current context, where there is no concrete documentation of people’s peace needs, limited information regarding the i4ps and their effectiveness, and no analysis investigating overlaps and gaps in services, Pro Public deems it necessary to carry out an in-depth study in order to gain clear picture regarding Nepal’s ability to deal with conflicts in a non-violent manner and strengthen collaborative relationships among its citizens: its Infrastructure for Peace.

Based on the research results, Pro Public will provide policy advice to the government and develop its future program activities. In addition, the findings will help the private sector, NGOs and the international community designs their policies, programs and implementation strategies.