Pro Public/CSSP multiplies the Playback Theatre Performances in the Communities under the EnActing Dialogue…Project

EnActing Dialogue Project of Pro Public has gradually started to multiply the playback theatre (Chautari Natak) performances in the communities as a major milestone from April 12, 2016 onward. For the same purpose, the project team of Pro Public along with lead theatre artist has also started to conduct field visits in the project communities to facilitate the multiplication process. Among all the project districts, team of dialogue facilitators of Udayapur organized their first performance for this year and other DFs’ team also started to multiply the community level performances as per their convenience in coordination with the project team. Throughout the multiplication process, each team of DFs has to perform two meeting with local stakeholders (advisory committee) and 18 episodes of Chautari Natak performances. It is planned to begin the performances in presence of the project team and lead theatre artists aiming to clarify the objective of the project and mentor the DFs for the betterment of the Natak. Some of the performances will be directly observed by the project team and some of the performances will be accomplished by the team of DFs, independently. Meanwhile, the project team will follow up the performances by visiting the communities.

Similarly, advisory meeting in each district is to organize by inviting the local level peace stakeholders. It is assumed that the meeting with local stakeholders will be supportive to implement the Natak program in their communities smoothly. The suggestions, comments and support from the local stakeholders will backstop the project activities in the communities.

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