Baseline study in 3 new communities about ex-combatants and peace services

Pro Public has carried out baseline study in the 3 new communities of 3 districts i.e. Banke (Bankatawa), Bardiya (Bansgadhi Municipality) and Makwanpur (Faparbari) from January to February 2016 to assess the status of community on social harmony and peace services (mediation, dialogue facilitation, peace libraries, dialogue facilitation centers etc.) where there are not any previous intervention. The main objectives of the study were to assess the existing Infrastructures for Peace (I4P), identify the peace needs of the communities, understand the social cohesion between the Maoists ex-combatants and host communities and assess the opportunities and challenges of I4P in future. The other objective of study in the new communities was to compare the status of community with and without interventions on peace services and conflict resolution mechanism.

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